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Where are you from and how has it shaped you?

Where are you from and what do you know? After the Blue Mountains launch of my memoir, The Erratics, a lady stood in line to buy a book and asked me this: do you feel your mother gave you anything? I answered without thinking, one word: no. But as I opened the book to sign it, I reconsidered. My mother’s…

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The Erratics

The Erratic Parent

I think my mother was right when she proclaimed that my sister and I ruined her life. Had she remained childless, responsible for nothing beyond her role as the beautiful wife my father admired and adored, whose every whim he satisfied, she might have lived out her days as an extravagant drama queen, brilliantly articulate, the life of the party…

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Is forgiveness really divine?

Vicki Laveau-Harvie was asked at her book launch if she had forgiven her mother, the answer might surprise you Memoir and Forgiveness At the launch of The Erratics, Caroline Baum, who was interviewing me, asked a perceptive question. She asked me if ‘forgiveness’ was a word I would use when referring to my present view of my relationship with my…

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